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Frequently asked questions

What is included into the CHD6800 miniPOS set?

CHD6800 miniPOS set consists of a CHD6800 all-in-one point-of-sales terminal, a cash drawer and miniPOS sales software with configuration tools.

What is CHD6800 miniPOS system suitable for?

Our system is suitable for small to medium size retailers (stores) and hospitality (restaurant) businesses. It will enable you to perform everyday sales operations and reporting, and manage your cash flow. We will set the POS software to the type of your business.

How do I operate CHD6800 miniPOS?

It’s very simple – the device consists of a 10” LCD touch screen to operate it, a built-in receipt printer and customer display. Once you turn on the device, the miniPOS sales application starts and you are ready to go!

Where my data will be stored?

Your privacy is important to us, therefore all information including setup configuration, product data and sales data will be stored only in your device*. You can save your sales data, and backup and restore your software configuration on an SD card, which can be used to transfer the data to another device or to store it in a safe place.

* If you use CHD Cloud service, the data will be stored in secure cloud with you in full control as to who can access the data.

How can I save or restore my data?

CHD6800 miniPOS allows you to save and restore complete configuration of your system on an SD card in a matter of a few seconds, with one key press. This applies to system configuration, keyboard layouts and product information.

Can I set up CHD6800 miniPOS sales system myself?

Yes, this is one of the main benefits of CHD6800 miniPOS! A CHD customer service representative will provide you with training and guidelines on how to set the system up and manage it. After this, we will continue to support you, should there be a need.

How to install CHD minipos and register licence?

In order to install miniPOS software and obtain a licence, please follow the guide which is shown on bellow video - 


I have a restaurant. Does CHD6800 miniPOS work in a network?

Yes, it does! For instance, for a bar or a restaurant, miniPOS allows you to open a table on one device and close on another.

Can the operator’s display layout be customized?

You can create layouts that suit your sales needs best. You can add, remove and re-arrange buttons, add product pictures, group the buttons in sub-menus, the options are endless.

How can I get a CHD6800 miniPOS?

Easy - just press the “Request” button on the home page of this web site and our sales executive will reach out to you within 1 business day. Don’t forget to fill all details!

Or just call us at +65 6255 9910 or email to .

What external devices can I add to CHD6800 miniPOS?

You can add digital scales, barcode scanners, card readers, kitchen printers, payment terminals, customer monitors, fingerprint readers, mouse, keyboard and a lot of other devices.

Can I import/export product data from files?

Yes, you can! You can import or export any product information using .csv files. For instance, importing the product data at the set-up will save you time.

How can I get Reports?

The reports can be printed on the CHD6800 built-in printer. Alternatively, reports can be exported to a PC in .xls format.

Can CHD6800 miniPOS work without connection to power grid?

Yes! There is an option to equip our system with an operational battery. This provides mobility of use and ensures your system’s continued operation should there be interruption in power supply.

Does CHD6800 miniPOS have Cloud back-office?

Yes! You can subscribe to CHD Cloud back-office services, with all the power and freedom the Cloud brings. Our sales executive will explain the available services and help decide which option is better for your business!

Do you offer payment terminals?

We do not provide payment terminals, but we will help you to find one from our partners.

I’d like to purchase CHD6800 miniPOS. What financing options do you offer?

You can buy the system outright or choose monthly payments, in which case you’ll own the system fully after one year. CHD Sales Executive will explain to you the available options.

I like CHD6800 miniPOS but just are not sure... Can I try it?

Yes! You can try the CHD6800 miniPOS for one month and return it if your plans change*. Even better, if you opt for the monthly payments and your business plans change, you can return the machine and receive pro-rata reimbursement*. We put the power in your hands!

* The reimbursement amount depends on how long you have used it and the condition of the hardware. CHD Sales Executive will explain to you the details.

What payment methods does CHD accept?

We accept Cash and Wire transfer payments. For the monthly payment plan we require you to set up GIRO.

What are your shipping options and how long will it take?

We will ask you to visit our office at e-Centre on Jalan Bukit Merah. You will receive your CHD miniPOS there, as well as the initial training. As an additional service, we can also visit your business’ location and help you set the system up. CHD Sales Executive will explain to you the available options.

How will I be supported?

CHD6800 miniPOS is easy to set-up and use and provides you with all the essential tools: point-of-sales hardware, sales software and configuration utility. Using it is intuitive and simple.

However, should you have any questions, there are different support options. Your purchase includes remote support; if more than the allocated time is needed, you can ask for additional support package. CHD Sales Executive will explain to you the available options.

Do You have "DIY How-to" videos?

Yes, we are constantly creating new "how-to" tutorial videos of basic CHD 6800 miniPOS system programming.

You are welcome to see them in our Youtube channel!